Let’s Make This a Community, Not a Blog

I invite readers of this blog to become contributors. This may go as far as writing posts or taking the more typical route of adding comments.

I have another 10 or so posts ready to go; whether I continue depends on your interest.

In particular, I would be delighted to receive some copyright and license-free pictures of Oxford. Most people who post on the net assume that their pictures are up for grabs unless they say otherwise.

I don’t want to proceed under that convenient surmise. Moreover, while I will give you a credit line, I can’t promise anyone else ever will. So if you give me a picture to use, please state that you are placing it in the “public domain.” This means it can be used by anyone for any purpose.

I also think American readers in particular would want to understand how the Oxford experience differs from their own.

There are private colleges in the USA that cost in the region of $60,000 a year for tuition, room and board. Some public universities can cost as much; the difference is that people who are citizens of that state pay less (so if you live in Texas, you should pay less to go to one of its universities than if you cross the state line into New Mexico, Louisiana, etc.).

Colleges have a very limited number of graduate programs. Universities contain colleges, but colleges do not contain universities.

Let’s say you want to study birds. You’d be in an area of ornithology at a Department of Biology or Zoology, in a School of Arts and Sciences, at a University. Something like that. You’d graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BS) or of Arts (BA) after four years of full terms.

If you wanted to be a librarian or lawyer, you’d add a few years. If you want to do medicine, you’d add a lot more. And so on.

So how much does it cost to go to Oxford? Do Colleges within the University vary a lot? Are meals eaten together?

What do others want to know? More importantly, what do you want them to know?

And let me know what I get wrong.

You can figure this out; no spaces or course! laurie[dot] frost {at sign} yahoo [dot]com

One thought on “Let’s Make This a Community, Not a Blog

  1. I don’t know about the eating. But the fees for Oxbridge are the same as for other English universities (for UK residents), and having compared accommodation on open days, you seem to get something much better and cheaper in Oxford and Cambridge than say in Birmingham and St Andrews. You do, on the other hand, have to keep up with more well-to-do fellow students.


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